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No. Conference Title Authors Date ISBN
14 IASTED OSCN 2004 A Novel Scheduling Algorithm Based on Both Queue End and Voids for Contention Resolution of Overflow Packets in the Optical Packet Switch with Hybrid Buffer Structure Huhnkuk Lim, Chang-Soo Park 2004-07-08
13 IEEE International Workshop HPSR 2004 An Optical Packet Switch with Hybrid Buffer Structure for Contention Resolution of Asynchronous Variable Length Packets Huhnkuk Lim, Chang-Soo Park 2004-04-18
12 OFC'04 Generation of optical pulse trains by repetition rate multiplications with cascaded long-period fiber gratings Tae-Jung Eom, Sun-Jong Kim, Chang-Soo Park, and Byeong Ha Lee 2004-02-24
11 The 5th Japan-Korea Joint Workshop on Microwave and MIllimeter-wave Photonics Generation of ultra-high frequency optical pulse train by a pulse-amplitude equalization in a rational harmonic mode-locked Yun Jong Kim, Chung Ghiu Lee, Young Yun Chun, Chang-Soo Park 2004-01-29
10 OECC 2003 High Differential Group Index of dispersion Compensating Fibers for OCDMA Encoder/Decoder Tae-Jung Eom, Chang-Soo Park, Un-Chul Paek, Byeong Ha Lee, Taesang Park 2003-10-16
9 ECOC 2003 Novel all-optical temporal encoder/decoder based on cascaded long-period fiber gratings for high-speed optical CDMA systems Sun-Jong Kim, Tae-Jung Eom, Byeong Ha Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2003-09-25
8 HPSR 2002 Efficient channel scheduling algorithm in optical burst switching architecture Jin-Bong Chang and Chang-Soo Park 2002-05-26
7 The 16th International Conference on Information Networking A New Buffering Scheme for Asynchronous and Variable Length Optical Routing at Edge Optical Packet Switch : EPSB Huhnkuk Lim , Chang- Soo Park 2002-01-31
6 27th Eur. Con. on Opt. Commun. (ECOC'2001) A new mode converter based on hollow optical fiber for gigabit LAN communication S. Choi, K. Oh, W. Shin, C. S. Park, G. Y. Kim, and Y. G. Lee 2001-10-03
5 APCC2001 A New Transmission structure for Mobile Voice, Data and Video Services Using AAL2 and AAL5 in the 3rd Generation Mobile Access Networks Huhnkuk Lim, Changhwan Oh, Changsoo Park 2001-09-17
4 OECC/IOOC 2001 OTDM Signal Generation Using a Long-Period Fiber Grating Pair Tae-Jung Eom, Nak Hyun Seong, Dug Young Kim, Chang-Soo Park, Un-Chul Paek, and Byeong Ha Lee 2001-07-02
3 COOC 2001 2.5 Gb/s Transmission using a HOF mode converter for gigabit LAN communication S. Choi, K. Oh, W. Shin, U. C. Ryu, C. S. Park, U. C. Paek, K. J. Park, Y. C. Chung, G. Y. Kim, and Y. G. Lee 2001-05-18
2 OFC 2001 Novel all-optical 10 Gb/s RZ-to-NRZ conversion using SOA-loop-mirror Hyuek Jae Lee, S.J.B. Yoo, and Chang-Soo Park 2001-03-20
1 The 2nd Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Microwave-Photonics Generation of ultra-high frequency optical pulse trains by a FP-LD combined with highly dispersive optical fibers and its application to microwave photonics J. H. Chae, C. S. Park, and Y. T. Lee 2001-02-01
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