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No. Journal Title Authors Date ISSN
17 Optics Express All fiber optical inter-band router for broadband wavelength division multiplexing W. Shin, S. W. Han, C. S. Park, and K. Oh 2004-05-03 1094-4087
16 IEICE Trans. Commun. Performance Evaluation of the Optical Packet Switch with Hybrid Buffer Structure for the Contention Resolution of Asynchronous Variable Length Packets Huhnkuk Lim, Chang-Soo Park 2004-05-01 1745-1345
15 Optics Express Pulse-amplitude equalization in a rational harmonic mode-locked semiconductor fiber ring laser using a dual-drive Mach-Zehnder modulator Yun Jong Kim, Chung Ghiu Lee, Young Yun Chun, and Chang-Soo Park 2004-03-08 1094-4087
14 OPTICS EXPRESS All-optical differential detection for suppressing multiple-access interference in coherent time-addressed optical CDMA systems Sun-Jong Kim, Tae-Young Kim, Chul Soo Park, Young Yun Chun, and Chang-Soo Park 2004-03-01 1094-4087
13 IEEE Photonics Technology letters Refractive variable optical attenuator fabricated by silicon deep reactive ion etching Young Yun Kim, Sung Sik Yun, Chang Soo Park, Jong Hyun Lee, Yoon Shik Hong, Jung Hyun Lee, Sung Cheon Jung 2004-02-19 DOI: 10.1109/LPT.2003.818948
12 Electronics Letter Uni-lambda bidirectional 10/1.25 GbE access service based on WDM-PON Swook Hann, Dong-Hwan Kim, Chang-Soo Park 2004-02-05 0013-5194
11 Optics Communications Performance enhancement using the bipolar capacity of bipolar coded fiber Bragg gratings and balanced detection in the spectral encoded code-division-multiple-access systems Sangjo Park, Bong Kyu Kim, Chang-Soo Park 2003-12-11 0030-4018
10 Optics Express, OSA Optical temporal encoding/decoding of short pulses using cascaded long-period fiber gratings Sun-Jong Kim, Tae-Jung Eom, Byeong Ha Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2003-11-01 1094-4087
9 IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS Suppression of Pulse Shape Distortion Caused by Frequency Drift in a Harmonic Mode-Locked Semiconductor Ring Laser Chung Ghiu Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2003-05-01 1041-1135
8 IEICE Trans. on Comm. 155-Mb/s Burst-mode Clock Recovery Circuit Using the Jitter Reduction Technoque Jae-Seung HWANG, Chul-Soo PARK, Chang-Soo PARK 2003-04-01 1745-1345
7 Optics Communications Pulse-amplitude equalization in a rational harmonic mode-locked semiconductor ring laser using optical feedback Chung Ghiu Lee, Yun Jong Kim, Hyoung Kyu Choi, Chang-Soo Park 2002-08-15 0030-4018
6 LNCS(Lecture Notes in Computer Science) preceedings EPSB (Electronic Partially Shared Buffering): A Buffering Scheme for Huhnkuk Lim and Chang-Soo Park 2002-05-15 0302-9743
5 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters Novel mode converter based on hollow optical fiber for gigabit LAN communication S. S. Choi, K. H. Oh, W. J. Shin, C. S. Park, U. C. Paek, K. J. Park, Y. C. Chung, G. Y. Kim ,Y. G. Lee 2002-02-01 1041-1135
4 Photonics Technology Letter Arrayed-Waveguide Grating With Branched Outputs for Simultaneous Multichannel Monitoring Purposes Jae-Hoon Lee, Tae-Yong Kim, Tae-Hoo Kim, Jae-Seung Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2001-11-11 1041-1135
3 Optics Communications All-optical frequency multiplication/recovery based on a repetitive pulse intensity matching Hyuek Jae Lee, Chung Ghiu Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2001-10-15 0030-4018
2 IEICE Transactions on Communications All-Optical XOR Logic Gate Based on Self-Phase Modulation of a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier without an Additional Synchronized Clock Hyuek Jae Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2001-02-01 1745-1345
1 Optics Communications Novel all-optical edge-detector for the clock component extraction of NRZ signal using an SOA-loop-mirror Hyuek Jae Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2000-07-15 0030-4018
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