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37 Internationl Journal of Electronics and Communications Novel Scheduling Algorithm for Hybrid Buffer Structured Optical Packet Switch Huhnkuk Lim, Chang-Soo Park 2006-08-01 1434-8411
36 OPTICS EXPRESS Photonic microwave notch filter using cross polarization modulation in highly nonlinear fiber and polarization-dependent optical delay in high birefringence fiber Choong Keun Oh, Tae-Young Kim, Seung Hyeon Baek, Chang-Soo Park 2006-07-24 1094-4087
35 IEICE TRANS. COMMUN. Optimization of Tunable Wavelength Converters and Internal Wavelengths in the Optical Packet Switch with Shared FDL Buffer Huhnkuk Lim, Changhwan Oh, Chang-Soo Park 2006-07-01 1745-1345
34 Optics Express Optical delay interferometer based on phase shifted fiber Bragg grating with optically controllable phase shifter Tae-Young Kim, Masanori Hanawa, Sun-Jong Kim, Swook Hann, Yune Hyoun Kim, Won-Taek Han, and Chang-Soo Park 2006-05-15 1094-4087
33 Measurement Science and Technology Monitoring technique for hybrid PS/WDM-PON by using a tunable OTDR and FBGs Swook Hann, Jun-sang Yoo, Chang-Soo Park 2006-05-01 0957-0233
32 JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY Optical Pulse Shaping by Cross-Phase Modulation in a Harmonic Mode-Locked Semiconductor Fiber Ring Laser Under Large Cavity Detuning Chung Ghiu Lee, Yun Jong Kim, Chang-Soo Park 2006-03-01 0733-8724
31 Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques Characterization of Uniplanar Compact Photonic-Bandgap Finite-Width Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide by Using an Electrooptic Near-Field Mapping Technique Kyoung-Hwan Oh,Tae-Young Kim,Sucbei Moon,Ho-Jin Song,Won-Bae Kim, Chang-Soo Park,Jong-In Song 2006-02-01 0018-9480
30 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters Hard Polymer Cladding Fiber (HPCF) Links for High Speed Short Reach 1x4 Passive Optical Network (PON) based on all-HPCF compatible fused taper power splitter D. U. Kim, S. C. Bae, J. Kim, T.-Y. Kim, C.-S. Park, and K. Oh 2005-11-01 1041-1135
29 Optical Engineering Demonstration of two-user, 10-Gbits/s optical code-division multiple-access system implemented by using cascaded long-period fiber gratings formed in dispersion-compensating fiber with inner-cladding structure Sun-Jong Kim, Tae Joong Eom, Tae-Young Kim, Byeong Ha Lee, and Chang-Soo Park 2005-09-13 0091-3286
28 IEEE photonics technology letters A Photonic Up-Converter for a WDM Radio over Fiber System Using Cross Absorption Modulation in an EAM Chul Soo Park, Choong Keun Oh,Chung Ghiu Lee, Dong-Hwan Kim, and Chang-Soo Park 2005-09-01 1041-1135
27 Opt. Eng. Upstream signal transmission using a self-injection locked Fabry-Perot laser diode for WDM-PON Swook Hann, Daeseung Moon, Youngjoo Chung, Chang-Soo Park 2005-06-01 0091-3286
26 IEICE Special Issue Alternate-Phase RZ Generation Using a Rational Harmonic Mode-Locked Fiber Ring Laser Yun Jong KIM, Hyun-Jeong JO, Young Yun CHUN, Chang-Soo PARK 2005-05-01 1745-1345
25 J. Lightwave Technol. Realization of True-Time-Delay using Cascaded Long-Period Fiber Gratings: Theory and Applications to the Optical Pulse Multiplication and Temporal Encoder/Decoder Tae Joong Eom, Sun-Jong Kim, Tae-Young Kim, Chang-Soo Park, Un-Chul Paek, and Byeong Ha Lee 2005-02-21 0733-8724
24 Optical Engineering (SPIE) 622-Mb/s Burst-mode Clock and Data Recovery Circuit with Duty Control in a Jitter Reduction Circuit Chul Soo Park, Chung Ghiu Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2005-02-16 0091-3286
23 Journal of Lightwave Technology Experimental Demonstration of 10 Gb/s Data Format Conversions Between NRZ and RZ Using SOA Loop Mirror Chung Ghiu Lee, Yun Jong Kim, Chul Soo Park, Hyuek Jae Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2005-02-01 0733-8724
22 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 10-Gb/s Temporally Coded Optical CDMA System Using Bipolar Modulation/Balanced Detection Sun-Jong Kim, Tae-Young Kim, Chul Soo Park, and Chang-Soo Park 2005-02-01 1041-1135
21 Optics Express Optical pulse multiplication and temporal coding using true time delay achieved by long-period fiber gratings in dispersion compensating fiber Tae Joong Eom, Sun-Jong Kim, Tae-Young Kim, Chang-Soo Park, and Byeong Ha Lee 2004-12-31 1094-4087
20 Microwave Optical Technology Letters Generation of 40 GHz pulse trains from a 5 GHz dual-driving rational harmonic mode-locked semiconductor fiber ring laser Yun Jong Kim, Chung Ghiu Lee, Hyun-Jeong Jo, Chang-Soo Park 2004-12-20 0895-2477
19 Electronics Letters Generation of high-repetition rate optical pulse using cascaded long-period fibre gratings Tae Joong Eom, Sun-Jong Kim, Chang-Soo Park, Byeong Ha Lee 2004-07-21 0013-5194
18 Optica Applicata Cost-effective method for generating >20GHz pulse trains using actively mode-locking fiber ring laser SUN-JONG KIM, CHANG-SOO PARK 2004-06-01 0078-5466
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