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77 Optics Express Thermo-optic coefficient measurement of liquids based on simultaneous temperature and refractive index sensing capability of a two-mode fiber interferometric probe Young Ho Kim, Seong Jun Park, Sie-Wook Jeon, Seongmin Ju, Chang-Soo Park, Won-Taek Han and Byeong Ha Lee 2012-10-08 1094-4087
76 Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Pulse width and peak power optimization in a mode-locked fiber laser with a semiconductor saturable mirror Seung Bum Cho, Hoseong Song, Sangyoun Gee, Chang-Soo Park and Dug Young Kim 2012-10-01 0895-2477
75 Journal of Lightwave Technology Design and performance analysis of passively extended XG-PON with CWDM upstream Jongdeog Kim, Hakjeon Bang and Chang-Soo Park 2012-06-01 0733-8724
74 Sensors A wide dynamic and fast scan interrogation method for a fiber Bragg grating sensor network implemented using code division multiple access Youngbok Kim, Sie-Wook Jeon, Won-Bae Kwon and Chang-Soo Park 2012-05-08 1424-8220
73 Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Optical wireless indoor positioning system using light emitting diode ceiling lights Soo-Yong Jung, Swook Hann, Suyong Park and Chang-Soo Park 2012-04-14 0895-2477
72 Laser Physics Switchable wavelength generation by injection-locked fiber laser based on GS-RSOA Heun-Duk Ku and Chang-Soo Park 2012-04-03 1054-660X
71 Optical Engineering Long-reach transmission experiment of a wavelength division multiplexed-passive optical networks transmitter based on reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers Sie-Wook Jeon, Youngbok Kim, Chang-Soo Park 2012-01-31 0091-3286
70 IEEE Communications Letters Determination of Sleep Period for Cyclic Sleep Mode in XG-PON Power Management Hakjeon Bang, Jongdeog Kim, Sang-Soo Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2012-01-19 1089-7798
69 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics TDOA-Based Optical Wireless Indoor Localization Using LED Ceiling Lamps Soo-Yong Jung, Swook Hann, Chang-Soo Park 2011-12-27 0093-3063
68 IEEE Photonic technology letters Polarization-Insensitive Wideband OSNR Monitoring Using Thermally Expanded Core Fiber Chang-Soo Park,Sie-Wook Jeon, Ki-Hee Song, Kwang Taek Kim, and Min A. Jung 2011-10-20 1041-1135
67 IET Electronics Letters 2.5 Gbit/s burst-mode receiver with power-level burst-detection for XG-PON1 systems Jongdeog Kim, Quan Le, Hakjeon Bang, Chang-Soo Park 2011-09-15 0013-5194
66 Microwave and Optical Technology Letters MILLIMETER-WAVE CARRIER GENERATION BY OPTICAL FREQUENCY MULTIPLICATION USING STIMULATED BRILLOUIN SCATTERING AND FOUR-WAVE MIXING Seung Heon Han, Chul Soo Park, Swook Hann, Seong Ro Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2011-09-01 0895-2477
65 Journal of Biomedical Optics Detrended fluctuation analysis of membrane flickering in discocyte and spherocyte red blood cells using quantitative phase microscopy Seungrag Lee, Ji Yong Lee, Chang-Soo Park, and Dug Young Kim 2011-07-08 1083-3668
64 IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS Adaptive Clock Recovery Mechanism Having Dynamic Frequency Drift and Buffer Level Control in Packet Switched Networks Hakjeon Bang, Jong-Oh Choi, Seong-Ro Lee, and Chang-Soo Park 2011-05-15 1089-7798
63 Optics Express A hybrid WDM/OCDMA ring with a dynamic add/drop function based on Fourier code for local area networks Yong-Kyu Choi, Kenta Hosoya, Chung Ghiu Lee, Masanori Hanawa, and Chang-Soo Park 2011-03-18 1094-4087
62 Journal of Biomedical Optics Dynamic analysis of pathogen-infected host cells using quantitative phase microscopy Seungrag Lee, Young Ran Kim, Ji Yong Lee, Joon Haeng Rhee, Chang-Soo Park, and Dug Young Kim 2011-03-01 1083-3668
61 Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE A Single-Chip 2.5-Gb/s Burst-Mode Optical Receiver With Wide Dynamic Range Sang-Heung Lee, Jongdeog Kim, Quan Le, Munseob Lee, Haecheon Kim, Chang-Su Park 2011-01-15 1041-1135
60 Photonic Network Communications Analysis of upstream link bandwidth utilization in GPON with integrated network surveillance Hakjeon Bang, Madhan Thollabandi, Sungchang Kim, Dong-Soo Lee, Chang-Soo Park 2010-12-01 1387-974X
59 Optical Engineering Comparative study of Raman fiber laser in symmetrical and asymmetrical cavities Young-Eun Im, Kyungwon Chun, Hangeul Kim, Dong-Hwan Kim, Swook Hann, Youngjoo Chung, Chang-Soo Park 2010-09-01 0091-3286
58 Optical Fiber Technology All-optical clock extraction from 40-Gbit/s NRZ data using cascaded long-period fiber grating Sie-Wook Jeon, Swook Hann, Chang-Soo Park 2010-06-01 1068-5200
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